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Craft Beer

German Brew Master

Wort of our beer comes from a family of German Brew Master, whose generations for beer.
All our beer are real craft, natural and fresh, without any chemicals and preservative.

Select one of the beer and start the fermentation process, which may take 2 weeks. During this time it will be closely monitored and stored in two separate climate-controlled rooms following old brewing traditions.

Once your beer is fully fermented, we will cold-filter, sterilize and pressure-fill the beer into beer keg. Then, we will invite you for a guided process to fill the beer into your beer bottles from keg.

You will enjoy drinking your premium beer and also experience the exciting and natural preparation process!

Beer Price

  • 48-50L: $150-$160, similar to 6 cases of 24 cans
  • 24L: $80-$85, similar to 3 cases of 24 cans

Beer Keg Party (Special Order)

Order your favorite beer in a keg for a party or for your home bar. You can also rent a keg pump to make it easy to dispense your beer in any place. The security deposit is required.

  • 50L keg: $150-160
  • 30L keg: $100
  • 20L keg: $75

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