About Us

Since early 1990’s Beer & Wine Expert has been fermenting great tasting beer and wine for Markham and the Greater Toronto Area.

The store always features a great selection of wines and beers which you are guaranteed to enjoy! Above all, you will be involved in the process of wine making from start to finish.

You will get to experience your own hand-made premium wine and beer and will never go back to buy at the liqueur store again.

Call or visit our store today to experience it for yourself!

Beer and Wine Expert is a Fermentation Site where lovers of exquisite beer and wine come to experience world class beverages at whole sale prices. We have been providing exceptional beer and wine for over 20 years, with highest quality ingredients and a carefully managed fermentation processes. Everything that goes into making your favorite beer or wine is 100% natural with absolutely zero preservatives so our customers can enjoy the pure taste of the world’s oldest beloved drinks.

The Beer and Wine Expert manifesto is to help our customers experience the international taste of beer and wine. The grapes used for our wines come from your favorite regions to the most exotic valleys; experience the taste of some such places as Niagara, California, France, Italy, Australia, Chile and many more. Our beer is brewed by a German Brew Master of over 30 years with a specialty in Bavarian/German brewing techniques.

Come visit Beer and Wine Expert at 21 Canadian Rd., Scarborough to experience the excellent taste that the world has to offer.